Summer is here, it is time to do the gardening or go to the beaches to get a tan.   

Enjoy a cup of your favorite ice tea, it can cool you down in the hot weather, there are many varies of tea that can be made as ice tea, it is easy to make ice tea with loose leaf tea.  

How to make ice-tea
Put one tablespoon of loose leaf tea into a cup, fill it half with hot tea, fill the other half with ice, and decorated with fruit and sweetener as you like.         

4% off for each of the following favorite loose tea, they are good to make ice-tea:

Cherry Blossom Rooibos
A lively combination of fruits and Rooibos that is a mouthwatering sweet treat.

Price: $6.38 $6.12
Coconut Custard Rooibos
Evoke tropical island breezes in your cup with this fragrant blend of South African Rooibos and pure white Coconut.

Price: $6.38 $6.12
Raspberry Black Tea
A delicious combination of Black Tea and Raspberry.

Black Tea, Raspberry pieces and Flavor.

Price: $6.60 $6.34
Vanilla Black Tea
A smooth aromatic blend of Black Tea and Madagascar Vanilla for a soothing cup.

Black Tea, Natural and Artificial Flavor and Vanilla Pieces.

Price: $6.68 $6.41

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Tea is good for you and it is becoming more popular because of its healthy properties.  Drinking tea helps to clean the system, offers good antioxidants and helps to lose weight.
In the beginning, I tried different tea suppliers for the best quality, finally I found one.  
The tea with Natural Flavor gives a clean true taste with no chemical aftertaste.
We are focused on providing high-quality tea, quality control and customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
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All tea comes in a standard 2.5 - 4 oz resealable PET / LLDPE window bag package.  
2 oz. loose leaf tea can brew about 25 English cups of tea.  One English cups can hold 8 oz. of fluid.
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