Decaffeinated Tea without chemicals, teas retain all the depth and flavor of their caffeinated counterparts.  We have 2 approved methods.
One is “Canadian Chemical Free Co2 process” – the tea is flushed with CO2 to gently remove caffeine. 
 Second one is “Natural green leaf process” – the tea is decaffeinated immediately after plucking. (Used for decaf Irish Breakfast).  
Both all-natural processes mean our environmental footprint is small. Great decaf to feel good about!
Sencha CO2 Decaffeinated Green Tea
The green tea came from Hunan province of China, grade of Sencha style.

Good green tea flavor with longish Sencha leaf style. All the goodness of green tea without caffeine. This tea can be used repeatedly about 3 times.

The tea used CO2 Process, the advantage of this decaffeination process is that no chemical solvents are used to remove the caffeine. Also, using the naturally occurring CO2 in a circulation process which carefully uses high pressure and temperature to extract the caffeine.

Price: $7.01
Decaffeinatted CO2 English Breakfast
A bold and hearty blend of Ceylon Black Tea de-caffeinated by the CO2 process. Rich flavour for a strong, take milk.

It has long been rumored that the Queen of England insists on drinking only decaffeinated teas past noon.
CO2 Process - no chemical solvents use high pressure and temperature to extract the caffeine.

Price: $8.97