White tea is made with leaves that is processed in a manner to let them wilt slightly and lose the “grassy” taste of green tea, while undergoing minimal oxidation.
There are many varieties of white tea. They come from China, Sri Lanka, Kenya and India. The different soils and weather results in a difference in taste.
White tea is higher in polyphenols and antioxidants than green teas. People concerned with their health would like this tea.
Sowmee White Tea
The tea came from China, it is the first grade quality of Sowmee.

It can give you a delicious toasty character with body reminiscent of Oolong. Lingering taste that encourage another cup.

It has high antioxidant and low caffeine.

This Sowmee has a more pronounced taste profile
- almost oolong tea-like. This is the popular Tea.

Price: $5.44
Pai Mun Tan White Tea
Pai Mu Tan White Peony Tea from China. Tender leaves with white buds.

Clear slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavor. Delicate jammy notes reminiscent of Keemun or a mild Bordeaux.

Tea has a calming & detoxifying effect on skin.

Price: $6.86